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Donkey Care Foundations - Level 1

This collection of my best webinars and lectures will help you help your donkey live its best life! And you will have a great time too!

I'm busting myths and giving you accurate donkey information!


Hello, I am Megan Hensley, also known as "The Donkey Farrier"

I've created ‘Donkey Care Foundations’ to educate & empower new donkey owners, and anyone looking to learn more about donkey's hooves, behavior, and management.

Explore Mindset and Emotions, how and why that affects all aspects of our interactions with our donkeys. This is an important part of handling and working with the ‘difficult’ donkey. I will offer ways for you to have fun with your donkey and build confidence in hoof handling.

Discover the simple foundations for healthy donkey hooves, while developing your eye to see the correct hoof structure.

Identify common donkey hoof issues, why they happen and how to remedy them.

Introduction to donkey hoof trimming and inspiration for YOU to consider becoming an owner trimmer!

Enjoy Instant Access to over 5 hours of educational videos and instruction. 

What People Are Saying:

“I've started using these techniques on my donkeys and the results are almost instant. I have calmer donkeys and it's no longer a wrestling match when the farrier comes. I'm happier and they are happier.”

Trish Morton

“I've been a trimmer for years and started following Megan and watching her videos. she is absolutely wonderful with donkeys and you just can't say that for everybody!”

Kat Monaghan

“Thanks Megan for the fabulous Webinar! I got so much out of it and I think it has benefited my precious Inky as well. I am more conscious of my energy and body language around him and he seems to appreciate it. Thanks so much! ”

Roxana Tuff

“Absolutely the greatest wealth of information, knowledge and guidance in the donkey trimming community!! So blessed Megan shares her passion with us so we can all have the best environments for our donkey families! Highly recommend taking her Trimming Course!!”

Jennifer Price

“I am so inspired by megan, she truly cares about donkeys and there guardians. She believes in all of us that care for donkeys, that we can be better caretakers of these soulful creatures. I truly appreciate her time, effort and commitment to all of us. We are so fortunate to have her on the donkey side and our side. I am glad to know her and I have truly learned so much. Thank you Megan!!”

Pat Slager

“Megan’s webinar was so wonderful! I have much more knowledge about my donkeys hooves now. She uses gentle methods for handling donkeys (a must!), she’s encouraging and explains everything well so it’s easy for a non-farrier like me to understand.”

Angelia Silvera

“I’ve joined today and listened to the first video, one hour. I already have my money’s worth. I have one donkey that I trim and all I’ve heard so far is true and excellent info. Thank you Megan for this much needed donkey education. You are unique and one of a kind! ❣️”


“Megan...I’m not joking when I say that I’ve listened to the first hours of your new seminar 3x and omg, I’ve been in tears. What you are talking about with donkeys has impacted my own personal thinking and has kick started me into a much needed mind-shift. Thank you....❤️ Ok, now....I’m going to start again and apply it to my donkeys. ❤️ ”

Cheryl Briggs